Vida Villas in Mallorca, island of all opportunities

Are you looking for a great holiday destination? A place with crystal clear blue water, soft beaches, warm weather, bars and restaurants, historic attractions and also outdoors activities such as hiking and biking sounds about great. You might be wondering if such a place exits. Oh well it does, in Spain, on an island in the Balearic Sea. It’s the one and only Mallorca.

Being the largest of the Balearic Islands and a favourite attraction for thousands of tourists every year, Mallorca will dazzle you by its landscapes, night life and cuisine.  It’s no wonder so many people choose to go there. Whether it’s a romantic get-away, a vacation with your best friends or even a family holiday, everybody can find something to do. And especially get the comfort and relaxation they need.


Vida Villas – private accommodation on the beach

When it comes to beaches, there are quite a handful of them. It’s an island after all. North, South, West and East, no matter where you choose to stay, you will find at least 3 different beaches to go to. And when it comes to accommodation you can truly experience the Spanish lifestyle by renting a privately owned villa. And if you are looking for the best, try the ones from Vida Villas. Elegant and stylish, modern or traditional, these villas will make you feel like home away from home.  And nothing says privacy better than a home just for yourself and your loved ones.

So if you are thinking about having an amazing vacation and being on an island is one of your dreams, than go to Mallorca. Trusted choice of many, this island can provide you with everything. From soft beaches to crystal water to breath taking view or a combination of them all when it comes to CalaMondragó, CalaFormentor and more. The island has quite some history behind so don’t be surprised if you will have some ruins to visit close to your location or centuries old churches. Try the local cuisine at renowned restaurants and go shopping after the sun goes down, as no matter the time of the day, you can always find something to do on this beautiful sunny island.

Much appreciated and welcoming, Mallorca is the go to location for everyone. Be it a romantic or a family vacation or a week of fun and excitement with close friends, on this island you can have a great quality time. With tens of beaches, hundreds of restaurants, lots of places to visit or explore and great accommodation such as the Vida Villas rental villas, this destination truly has it all. And whether it’s your first time there or you are a fan of the island, Mallorca will grow on you more and more each day.