7 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Brussels Center

Brussels is known as one of the most beautiful European city, being the capital of Belgium, this city is graced with so much fascination and an old interesting history that dates back to the 11th century. The city offers a variety of attractions for tourists, from museums to concerts, festivals, lots of restaurants, fashion boutiques, and other amazing landscapes that will make your trip truly interesting.

Indeed, Brussels has a refined reputation and has become a sophisticated seat of the European lifestyles. Owing to its dynamic structure, Brussels has been a home for multi-ethnic background and history. This European region is famous to guest from other countries for its rich architectures, fine arts and not to mention, its enormous variety of mouth-melting chocolates.


Finally, your long awaited family holiday to Brussels is closing in, and you must be all excited about making the most out of it. Brussels highlights several impressive attractions worth visiting some of which include:

1.         Courtyard Hotel Brussels

Courtyard Hotel Brussels is one of the stylish and classic hotels and is without doubt one of the best hotels in the city. It is a luxurious hotel, with amenities that spells total comfort. The open and spacious lobby makes it the best place to meet and greet. Our very energetic and passionate hotel associates are always available to help our guests ‘’Make Room for A Little Fun.’’ And you can unwind, relax or catch up on business while using our complimentary Wi-Fi.

Courtyard Hotel Brussels standing tall and strategically located gives its residents a perfect view of Brussels. Being on the most distinctive landmark of Brussels, the hotel offers an excellent variety of recreational facilities, including fitness centre.

2.        Grand Place-Grote Markt

Grand Place is located right in the heart of Brussels and is one of the best-preserved in Europe. Visiting Brussels and not visiting Grand Place-Grote Markt is a mistake you will not want to make.  This beautiful place gets illuminated as the night falls. You will get fascinated with the musical shows, breath taking surrounding beauty of the Buildings and the friendly people of Brussels.

3.        Anderlecht Beguinage

Anderlecht Beguinage is one of the most beautiful buildings in Brussels. The construction of this fascinating building was started in 1252. Anderlecht Beguinage was converted into a museum in 1930 and is one of the most visited sites in Brussels. You can sit and relax in the gardens around the area, and savor nature’s beauty at its best.

4.        MannekenPis

This is one of the most visited attractions to tourists in Brussels. If you will take a short walk from Grand Place-Grote Markt, you will find this beautiful statue. This statue symbolizes the irrelevant spirit of this charming city. This is the most popular place in Brussels and Jerome Duquesnoy designed the original version of this beautiful statue. You will find there lots of stories about the statue. I would suggest you talk to the local inhabitants of Brussels and find out the True History behind this beautiful statue. The MannekenPis however, is surrounded by various legends.

5.        Natural Science Museum

If you have kids with you on your vacation, then they might really be intrigued upon seeing the Natural Science Museum that is located near the European Parliament. This museum hosts the largest exhibitions of dinosaurs along with their outstanding whale and shell collections, do well to visit for some fun time with them.

6.        14th-century wall

The 14th-century wall is a wall that surrounds the city centre. This wall divides the city centre in the 3 districts, the Lower Town is located towards the western side of the wall and is the place for the lower and middle class residents. The Upper Town is located towards the eastern side of the wall and as the name suggests, it is for the elite and rich. These two districts are separated by the Boulevard, which is lined with numerous shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. The boulevard intersects the Grand Palace, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Just outside the wall is the Parc Leopold, where there are three huge Museums. Also, towards the south of the city centre is the St. Giles area, which is artsy region of the city. So many attractions here, you’ll likely be overwhelmed.

7.         Saint-Michel Cathedral (Sint-MichielsKathedraal)

Dedicated to Saint Michael and Saint Gudula, this 15th-century building will surely wow you. The church has a beautiful interior and is quite magnificent (108 meters by 50 meters). Also one of the most visited sites in Brussels.