Zambia birding tours are the travel package to book into for an African bird watching adventure

Zambia birding tours are the travel package to book into for an African bird watching adventure. The country is just so alluring due to its friendly citizens, stable political arena and massive numbers of bird species. On average, you would add about 300 species and more to your bird list, just on a 2 week birding tour of the country. Zambia is located towards the south part of central Africa. It is warm year round, which makes Zambia birding tours available to be booked during any part of the year.

Travel companies prefer that Zambia birding toursbe done towards the middle portion of the year to coincide with the cooler time and less rainfall. Usually, travel companies place out around a dozen Zambia birding tours per year. The reason for this, being that the birding guides tackle several different areas and are not stagnant in one area. You would choose one according to when you are available for travel.


For a place like Zambia which is always in high demand due to its massive array of birds, you would need to book as soon as the dates are announced. If you have been a regular patron of the travel company then you will be notified of the dates and given first preference in booking yourself some spots on one of the Zambia birding tours. In the travel industry it does pay to stay loyal. For birding focused tour companies in particular, there is the realization that birders will likely make more than a few trips abroad to widen their birding range. Doing so with just one birding travel company will see you being in line to discounted future trips.

This is not the only advantage of going with a specialized birding company. The entire affair will be planned out, enabling you to gain access to a trip that has been fully maximized for your benefit. The most stressful part of any holiday would have to be planning it. The logistical nightmare of selecting hotels to correspond with your different area visits is really daunting and not to mention that you would not have a clue on how to structure your days. Some areas definitely deserve more time than others.  This type of knowledge only comes from having done Zambia birding tours before. You would also essentially be booking into lodges blindly, not fully knowing if they are up to standard and truly deliver on what they advertise.

The factor of the guide is also worth mentioning on Zambia birding tours. On a birding tour, the guide is especially important. You will rely on their knowledge to ensure you can get the most out of the trip. Any birder, no matter how novice or advanced can have a lot to learn from someone who is so esteemed in the field. You would have their undivided attention for the duration of the trip. Use this to your benefit and advance your birding skillset. They come as part of the package for Zambia birding tours so you do not even have to pay anything extra. These birding tours will also be the ideal way to get your start in a birding hobby.