The Danakil Photography tour is one of your lesser known tours

The Danakil Photography tour is one of your lesser known tours. This is largely due to its middle of nowhere location and unforgiving climate. It is so hot here, that is has been measured as the hottest place on Earth. So why on Earth would anyone want to holiday here? Being frank, do not expect your normal holiday tour when booking into the Danakil Photography tour. It will be one of the hardest and most physically demanding tours you will ever undertake, but on the flip side, you will bear witness to one of the ancient wonders of the world. There is the sort of bragging rights that not many will be entitled to and you would belong to an elite group. The only thing better than just going and touring the Danakil Depression would be to come back with some fantastic shots that you yourself have taken.

Since a professional photographer leads this portion of the Danakil Photography tour, you would be learning the art of picture taking as well. You will soon learn that this will not be an ordinary holiday. There is nothing similar to the Depression, anywhere else on Earth. The range of photography is simply marvellous. In one location you would be standing atop a rock formation marvelling at its beauty while being able to have a bird’s eye view of an actual volcano eruption. As barren as the area is, there are still life forms in the caves, lakes and salt mines. Navigating these and knowing when to venture out is left in the hands of the tour guide who has formed an expert knowledge of the area, thanks to years of tours.


This kind of reliability extends to the setup needed during parts of the Danakil Photography tour. All amenities needed will have to be taken along. This will be provided in its entirety by the tour company. Tour guests simply need to bring along their personal belongings. It is advised to keep this to a minimum as you would be travelling with it and too much luggage can be a hindrance. Once you have booked into the Danakil Photography tour, you will be advised of this in detail and what to expect during the trip. It is a weeklong adventure and although the bulk of it will be spent at the Depression, there is also the aspect of visiting villages situated on route or a little bit of touring in the capital and landing city of Addis Ababa.

Photography will be the second star of the show. Undoubtedly, the first would be all of the amazing locations you would set your sights on during the journey. Both classroom type learning and practical applications are done on the Danakil Photography tour. Expect to come away from the Danakil Photography tour, richer in both memories and photographic capabilities. You would not have to invest in and bring along any photography equipment for the tour. This is all provided. However, if you find you do enjoy it, then it is an option once you get back home and to practice on future photography tours.