If you think that the Pantanal wildlife tour will be an ordinary animal sighting holiday, you would be totally wrong

If you think that the Pantanal wildlife tour will be an ordinary animal sighting holiday, you would be totally wrong. This tour is so much more. The Pantanal region lies in the heart of South America spanning Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay. Because of its immense diversity of habitats and wildlife it is a highly sought after area for animal tours. The Pantanal wildlife tour can take place at any time of the year and it is open for bookings year round as well. You would do well to book into a reputable tour so that you know you would be getting the full wildlife experience with a lot of side activities thrown in too. There will also be reliability in the logistical aspects of the trip both in scheduling and accommodation/transport. You would book into holiday tours not only for the cheaper way to travel and see the world but also because they allow you to simply pack off and leave for a holiday.


The planning can be a bit worrisome and this is taken out of the equation when you have other people, who are experts in the field, to take care of it for you. Once you are confirmed for the Pantanal wildlife tour, you will be given a detailed itinerary on what to expect at each leg of the trip. This will not only give you a sense of excitement of what is to come but will also help you to prepare. At this juncture you would also have access to the Pantanal wildlife tour guide. The tour lasts 2 weeks and it is simply impossible to do and see everything. If there is something of particular interest to you that you do not see as part of the itinerary then you may ask the guide to add it in. Such an example would be, maybe wanting to see a wildlife species that has not been included. There are over a thousand so majority will be left out. Of importance on the Pantanal wildlife tour would be jaguars and other mammals, marine wildlife and birds.

Then it’s time to make your way to the landing city for the Pantanal wildlife tour which is Cuiaba. It is from this point on that the tour begins in its official capacity. You will be picked from the airport and taken to a hotel to relax before meeting up with the rest of the group and going through an orientation for the coming days. This is especially important as you will be going out into wildlife territory and as much need to know the dangers and how to avoid them. Then it’s off with the trip. The journey will be done in safari vehicles, river boats and horseback. Hiking is required on the trip to climb rocks and valleys to get better vantage points. Certain points house lodges which will be used for an overnight stay here and there, and to replenish stock. Most modern amenities are provided for along the way, so tour guests will not be slumming it. This then makes the Pantanal wildlife tour excellent for kids as well. In addition to family time and fun memories, it is sure to be an educational highlight.