Lesser Known Japan: Wakayama


As everyone knows Japan is a small Asian island country with a rich and enthralling history that goes back several millennia. Before Europeans landed in Japan and introduced their ways, Japan had fantastic Shinto and Buddhist temples that still stand today and are major attractions.

Wakayama’s fish markets stand out as a tourist spot, starting with the daily tuna auction that tourists can witness from the observation area as they sample sashimi. Seared tataki and sushi. The Kuroshio-Ichiba Market plays host to three thrilling tuna cutting shows that attract crowds.

The Nachi Fire Festival happens every July, it’s a festival that celebrates Nachi waterfall god homecoming. The festival has been taking place for 1,700 years and is a highly regarded sacred festival in the Japanese culture.

The Guinness World Record Holder

The small fishing town of Susami is recognized officially as the place where the world’s deepest underwater mailbox. Sitting at 33 feet underwater the mailbox has held the Guinness World record for the deepest postbox for a while now.

Susami is a small fishing town with a population of approximately 5,000 residents. The mailbox was set up in 1999 as a way to attract pilgrims.

However, over the years the box has become popular with divers who buy waterproof postcards to send to family and friends across the world.

The local post office collects the letters every few days and sends them out as standard mail.

To keep the tradition of decorative post boxes alive several monuments have been unveiled in another town of Japan (Tobe) as a means of promoting the city’s main activity (Handcrafting).

Japan is not only ahead of the rest of the world regarding technology, but it also appreciates the value of mailboxes and uses different decorations to entice locals and non locals to use these boxes.

Take a tour one day and soak in the different and beautiful spot in this area of Japan. Be sure to take advantage of the record holding underwater mailbox for sending a unique postcard back home to your friends.