Chad may not be the first country that pops to mind when one thinks of Africa

Chad may not be the first country that pops to mind when one thinks of Africa, however it is quickly gaining steam as a must see country. So many unique possibilities present themselves on the Chad tour. Booking into one allows for guests to experience an overwhelming majority of these. The thing about the Chad tour, is that in addition to providing all of the logistics and guides during the trip, there is also the factor of making maximum use of all the days on the tour. This is an important component when travelling. If you want to be an avid traveller and see many different countries, then it is unlikely that you would be returning to the same place twice. You would therefore need to make the most of the trip.

Usual holiday tours last around 2 weeks. TheChad tour goes on for about 3 weeks. This is to account for the travel time required between towns. Charter planes are not available so road travel will have to do. A single minibus can transport an entire Chad tour group. For off road travel, it is done in jeep vehicles. Camels are also used during the trip, especially in desert areas. Recreational vehicles are made use of when travelling to remote parks. The parks are huge and if you were to travel back to a base point, you would not get to see much of it. Chad has all of the big 5 animals along with a lot more species.


RV vehicles allows for the Chad tour group to explore from the top of the vehicle and therefore never putting themselves in any danger, while still being surrounded by modern amenities. This Zakouma adventure alone takes around 3 days to complete. It is a wildlife fantasy, so if this is your forte, then the Chad tour should be a definite check point on your travel list. It will be the most back to basic tour you will ever go on but the sights you will physically witness will be so worth the trouble. By booking into the Chad tour, you will never be alone. The guide will be a constant sight during the tours entirety.

For such an unknown country, this surely is a must have figure. The guide ensures that the group is intact and safe as well as being the sole person to handle all of the logistics. Tour companies do not just place any person in this spot. It comes with years of travelling and getting to know the country, locals, culture and language. They then impart this onto tour guests and make the journey smoother. The Chad tour is best done in September. Most companies usually push out for this period anyway, simply for the Gerewol festival. This is an amazing display of love and celebrations. They do not usually let outsiders to witness or participate so to have a chance to be a part of it, you would have to make use of a Chad tour company who make arrangements to have their guests be present.