9 Romantic Adventures in Riviera Maya, Mexico

All couples long for a utopian honeymoon—that dreamy trip worth treasuring forever. Riviera Maya, Mexico is a gorgeous paradise for lovers to slip into. Nine romantic adventures include horseback riding at sunset, cenote and cave diving, snorkeling in Xel-ha, and swimming with dolphins; then, capturing scenic lighthouse views, relaxing at the exclusive Riviera Villas or spa, embarking on a sunset cruise, or having a full moon dinner at Lu Lunita.


Horseback Riding

Although riding times are available throughout the day, perhaps the most enchanting time to ride is while the sun sets. Make exceptional memories while the sky slips into hues of a vibrant blaze. Vouchers must be scheduled. Prices include travel to and from the hotel as well as a ninety-minute ride, etc.

Riviera Maya Villas

Wondering where to stay? Need a perfect nearby reservation? Thereare quite a few exclusive Riviera Maya villas that offer luxurious accommodations with incredible …

Five Popular Sports in Australia

If you’re thinking about packing your bags and emigrating to Australia from the UK, then you’ll need to do barely any cultural re-adjustment.Life in Australia is, pretty much, the same as it is in western Europe.There’s a longstanding tradition of individual liberty and democracy, and every spends their weekends drinking with friends.

One thing that is ever-so-slightly different, however, is sports.While football, as we Britons know it, is a popular pastime, it’s nowhere near as popular as some of the other sports that dominate the Australian calendar.Let’s take a look at some of these sports, and see how new arrivals to the country might blag their way through a conversation about them.


Cricket is widely-considered the national sport of Australia, since, unlike the other sports popular in this part of the world, Cricket is both played and watched in every corner of the country – from the urban …