Best Staffing Agency to Hire in Portland

It is becoming quite clear that the existence of a staffing agency is one thing that helps a lot of companies. It is because the staffing agency is able to provide those companies with the staffs that they need. Unfortunately, the increasing number of staffing agency in Portland makes it quite hard to find the best staffing agency, including for the Portland temp agency.  That is why if your company is located in Portland and you need to find a nice staffing agency for your temporary staff needs, you need to call Scion. Talking about the quality, they are one of the best that you can get for this kind of needs. As an addition to that, there are things that they offer that might suit your needs.

Choose Between Permanent or Temporary Staffs

The first one is that you can get the kind of staff that you need based on the employment status. If you are looking for a permanent staff, all of those staffing agencies will be able to help you with that. However, the temporary staffs are slightly different. It is because not all of those staffing agencies want to help you with something that can give them the benefits for few months only. That is why the options for agency that offers you the temporary staff is quite limited. However, Scion is able to help you with that. They are not only providing you with the permanent or temporary staff, they also have the staffs that you might need if you are running a nonprofit organization.

Candidates Based on Your Criteria

The second thing that you need to highlight from their services is the number of candidates. Talking about the candidates, there are some staffing agencies that offer you a large number of candidates to choose from. This is not a good thing actually because you need to sort and filter all of those candidates for the second time. On the other hand, getting one or two candidates is not something good because your options are very limited. That is why Scion offers you the number of candidates based on your request. If you give them a lot of criteria, then the numbers can be minimized. However, if you only give them the basic criteria, then you might get a lot of candidates to choose from.

Fast and Simple Process

The last but not least is the easy, simple, and fast process. This is the best thing that you need if you need the new staff to fill the vacant position in your company as soon as possible. Can you imagine if one of your staffs finally resigned and you do not have the replacement yet? This will be a problem for your company. That is why Scion offers you the simple and fast process. They will respond to your request as soon as possible and if you respond to them fast enough, you can easily get the staff that you need in a week or so.