Morocco excursions from marrakech

Marrakech is without a doubt one of the greatest destinations for your Morocco excursions. However, the hue and cry of the big bustling city is not all there is to explore in Morocco. That’s why taking a day trip down to the old sea port of Essaouira might be just what you need to break the monotony of your trip. Essaouira is an old port city at the Atlantic sea side of Morocco and is one of the most popular out of the city travel destinations in Morocco. Here is a sneak peek into what a Marrakech to Essaouira excursion would be like.


There is only one route from Marrakech to Essaouira and most trips are taken by bus or private car. The trip usually takes 2 to 3 hours one way depending on the transportation option you take and the number and duration of your stop overs. Taking a bus is obviously cheaper than hiring a private driver and there are different tour companies like Supratours who offer excellent transportation services. However, hiring a private driver (who can double up as a tour guide) would mean you have the advantage of flexibility and can plan your own itinerary of the entire trip. You’d just have to dig deeper into your pockets but it is all worth it additionally, you can check with your hotel if they have pick-ups to and from these destinations.

What to expect

Day trips from Marrakech to Essouria are not your ordinary long boring road trips where you just stop to take a piss. The journey itself is an experience worth living for as there are many sites to see along the way where you can make stop overs and capture special moments of the trip. Some of the popular stop overs are as follows;

Argan trees forest

Perhaps the only form of vegetation you will see on your long desert drive, this is where the famous argan oil, commonly referred to as the liquid gold, is extracted by a local women’s cooperative and distributed to different parts of the world to be used in the manufacture of cosmetic products. This is also the spot where you will spot tree climbing goats that eat the berries from the trees.

Sid L’Mokhlar

This is small town in Chichaoua province where you can stop for a little tour and experience the indigenous life of the people in this small town.


Essaouira is a peaceful history-rich old port town about 119 miles from the city of Marrakech. At this point, you might need a tour guide or just take a tour by yourself since the town is quite small and the chances of getting lost are very slim. Whichever way, you get to experience the true ambience of this blue and white fort. You can take a walk along the sandy beaches and enjoy the warm desert sun. Since fishing is a major economic activity at the fishing port, you can watch as fishermen bring back their catch for the day with their colorfully painted boats. At the Medina, you can grab yourself some souvenirs by the local crafters and have fresh seafood by the terrace restaurants.
One striking thing to marvel at is the rustic ancient architecture influenced by the Portuguese and French who settled at the town any years ago. Also, the ancient ramparts such as the Skala de la Kasbah citadel are sights to behold. The ramparts at the coast acted as forts during the 18th Century to protect the city from invasions coming from the sea.
As your trip ends you will surely have experienced the magic that is Essaouira and have a feel of the Moroccan lifestyle in its most indigenous form. Essaouira has proved to be one of the most loved morocco tours from marrakech because of its tranquility and ease of access from the city. Many tourists also love the hospitality of the Berbers, who populate a majority of the people you meet during this trip. The drivers and tour guides are also known to be very hospitable and knowledgeable and give a precise account of the history of the city. Besides the fact that this trip can easily be done in a single day, anyone can attest to the fact that you will be left yearning for more time on the coast of Essaouira and can surely visit again and again.